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Open up to the world with TurkishExporter.Net! started its journey for “more export”, “more production and employment” principle and have been a solution partner of small and medium sized enterprises for their growth in foreign markets and finding new markets. It shares its foreign political, cultural and economic experiences with Turkish exporters. It has contributed to export operations of thousands of leading companies. It has brought manufacturers and those intending to export with leading worldwide companies. With its customer oriented services continues to be fellow of Turkish business people.

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Having started producing fresh fruits and vegetables in 1945, our family run company has nurtured its manufacturing and product quality for three generations and reached 70 years of experience. ​ Our potentous success in the domestic market in the 1980s was followed by export operations to Middle East, the Balkans, Russia and Europe in the 1990s. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century our export operations have been running throughout the country, throughout the year, by our experienced teams of staff. ​ Following the impact of globalized economy, our company turned its face and investments to England and other EU countries. In 2012, a partnership company named Meypal Tarım was set up in London (Stand 63, New Spitalfields Market, 1 Sherrin Road, Leyton, London, E10 5SH) in order to be a step ahead of our competitors in reaching and serving our customers in the UK. Meypal Tarim has continuous operations in partner facilities in Mersin, Antalya, Denizli, Manisa and Bursa in which our products are packed according to European standards and sent to our valuable customers by our expert logistics companies as per customer demands (by road, air, sea freight) and in compatible with cold chain standards. Meypal products are as fresh as if they have just been picked. Meypal England which started its import operations from Turkey has expanded its operations to Europe, America, Africa and Asia with an in-house distribution network which reaches to every corner in the UK. ​ Since the first day of our establishment, in order to increase and protect our market reach, consistency and quality have been our top priorities. Meypal aims to support local economy through its job creation policies. Believing that every piece of product represents our country, Meypal dedicates itself to highest quality and standard of products. This aim motivates us to recruit the best human resources and to undertake continuous follow up of technological and sectorial developments in the market. Meypal constantly refreshes itself. By keeping our targets high we constantly work, produce and transport.



“Camişerif Mah., 5232 Sk., Buğdaycı İşhanı, Kat: 2, No : 11, Mersin, Turkey ”

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